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Sacred Rebel

Kaitlyn is an ICU nurse-turned global empowerment coach and shamanic healer.  Her passion is leading people back to their Sacred Rebel heart through radical self-acceptance and self-love. Through her signature offering of Sacred Rage, medicine ceremonies, and personal coaching she integrates a balance of masculine/feminine, Shadow, and somatic trauma work to help people reclaim their power.  She loves integrating Eastern and Western modalities of health and wellness to help people step into their fullest expression, creating change to elevate the collective usher in a new paradigm.



Subtle Rebel

Soleiman is a facilitator of Neo-Tantra events, workshops and experiences for those ready to take a leap into the unknown and trust they have something to land on. He is committed to mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional awakening and transformation of self and community. He believes our only limitations are those which we’ve placed on ourselves and made real in our own eyes. Let’s Be Free.

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Sacral Rebel

CaraLilly AKA The Wild Love Priestess is an artist of love, writer, dancer, witch, creatrix and shadow walker. Versed in the sensual, creative & erotic arts, she coaches clients on sacral expression, sex and relating, walking the sacred path of the heart and embodying feminine archetypes (especially the delicious dark ones.) She is passionate about helping others find the heart’s voice, radical love, sensual play, rebellious expression and making art of life all outside the social constructs and scripts of the overculture. CaraLilly’s workshops include Bliss Breathwork, Serpentine Temple, Aphrodisia Erotic Writing Circle and Movement Mystics Dance Ceremony. Her musings and soon to be published erotic poetry can be found on Substack and Sacral Rebels, an online community journey through the feminine archetypes, is starting Fall 2022.

Kaitlyn teaching


  • We will start with an intimate look into the self, greeting what feels challenging with love, releasing what’s weighing us down, and feeding the gifts we came to share.

  • We will build up to the subtle art of intimacy in relationships. Maintaining awareness of the self while creating deep vulnerability with another in love.

  • Then we’ll learn to incorporate cultivating courage and safety in authentic expression within the collective. We get to practice deep witnessing and being truly seen in the world, all aspects welcome and celebrated.

caralilly teach

Some of the retreat highlights

  • Breathwork

  • Sacred Rage

  • Emotional Release Practices

  • Tea & Cacao Ceremonies

  • Mystic Journeying

  • Adoration Ceremonies

  • Partner Intimacy Exercises

  • Sacred Theatre

  • Dance Rituals

  • Integration Art

  • Intentionally Prepared Meals*

  • Rebel Community 


Price and Application Process

Ticket Prices

  • Full Price – $1,300
  • Low Income – $1,000 (receive financial support)
  • Support & Abundance – $1,600 (give financial support)

* $250 NON REFUNDABLE down payment required, after an interview call, to save your spot at Sacred Retreat.

** Ticket must be paid in full by start of retreat: Sept 23, 2022.

*** Tuition includes 8 healthy meal options


Interview Process